#Industrial #Loft # Lamp

I have special emotions for a brass instruments. Although I was always a keyboard player but under military conscription i played trombone.

Wonderful the details of this instrument. These come from great craftsmen. The basic piece -which could be a fanfarian or signalhorn- i was found on a antique exchange. After some bargaining I took it home. The trumpet is in good shape so I did not polish it. I did not dare to take the patina. The new owner can polishing if will it.

It’s a trumpet lamp with a real home decoration piece. But as a lamp, it works great.


  • ca. 50 cm / 20(in) high, chromed
  • hidden electric wire
  • twist braided electrical wire, brown color
  • vintage brass bulb socket
  • the base is a oiled acacia panel

the lamp for sale

price: 250EUR