#loft #industrial #recycle art #vintage furnishing

I love this creation. I could not leave it in an antique dealer. The original part was still in a good trim, so I didn’t have to take off much decarbon. Small transformation is needed to fit the socket of the bulb. I used only copper parts.
Of course, my favorite acacia board is the base.
For this product there was no need lamp shade, so I opted a decorative EDISON bulb. The wire is a Twist braided electrical cable.
I recommend for LOFT furnishings, cafe lighting, home or office mood lighting.

Technical parameters

  • ~20*80 cm (7.8*31.5in)
  • ~ 1.8M (2.62ft) textile cable
  • wall mounting option
  • 220V EU-confort plug
  • The base is a oiled acacia panel
  • max 40W bulb